You & Me Against the Worlds


I love science fiction and growing up, I used to devour old science fiction books at my local library. My yardstick was always the cover art - the worse the art, the more I wanted to read the book. This is a homage to all the monsters, evil alien overlords and dark wizards who get thwarted by plucky youngsters, out of their depth but doing the right thing. I'm celebrating the cover art of these stories - often terrible, always brilliant.


Retro style sci-fi illustration celebrating all the bad guys, monsters and demons thwarted by plucky youngsters. By Elly Jahnz


I originally created this illlustration for a competition run by the Barbican Centre, London. Unfortunately I didn't get anywhere with it, but I have a soft spot for it, so I'm sharing it here.


A close up of a retro style sci-fi illustration. Lazer beam woman vs Evil blob alien.


Every character has a name and a back story. I had a lot of fun thinking up really hammy names - most of them have titles too. Cheesy science fiction is the best.


Close up of all of the aliens.. Fighting robots, slug men, witches, cyborg death machines and many more...