Website illustrations for a Developer


All us creative industry types know the importance of having a good portfolio website, however it's easier said than done when you are a web developer. Often, the thing you are showing isn't the design of the website but the coding, the nuts and bolts and bits under the hood that make everything run smoothly. It's hard to show your perfect code to an audience when the average viewer doesn't know what perfect code looks like. I was approached by top-notch developer Mike Hayes from mikesimagination to help solve this problem.


He asked for an illustration to go on his homepage which would encapsulate in an eye-catching way what he does. 


Website illustration for web developer by Elly Jahnz

Because he's all about the code, I asked Mike for his favourite code snippets which I worked into the illustration. If you look closely you'll see them! I don't know much about code, but I know Mike's is good. He coded this website for starters. His background is working as a senior software engineer working on flight simulation for a blue-chip aerospace engineering firm so he really knows his onions. 


Mock up of banner illustration for web developer by Elly Jahnz


Close up of illustration for Mikesimagination by Elly Jahnz



Elly really took the time to understand what I needed out of the illustration and I'm really pleased with the result. It's absolutely ace.


- Mike Hayes,


Closeup of illustration for Mikesimagination by EllyJahnz


I wanted the illustration to show the thought that goes into crafting efficient websites. Mike is always rigorous in his approach to a new brief and I wanted to highlight that level of thinking, showing the consideration that goes into optimising the site rather than just relying on a flashy design.


Closeup of illustration for Mikesimagination by Elly Jahnz 


When not found coding, Mike is normally found on a bike somewhere very remote and exciting, hence the mountains in the illustration. You can keep up to date with his adventures here.