The Best Artisan Cheese Trophy Illustration


I was asked by the Specialist Cheesemakers Association to create an illustration to be used on a commemorative trophy awarded annually for the Best Artisan Cheese. The Association’s patron, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales was behind the creation of this award and as such was involved in the approvals process. I go into more detail about working with Prince Charles and the creation of this illustration on my blog. Click here to read more.  

Artwork for the Best Artisan Cheese Award plate by Elly Jahnz

The illustration needed to sit alongside an existing illustrated trophy plate, but as this was illustrated about 25 years prior, the illustration style needed to be moved on and refreshed.


Close up of the Best Artisan Cheese Plate Trophy by Elly Jahnz


I decided to focus on putting the artisanal cheese in question front & centre while surrounding them with a variety of grasses and flowers that you commonly find in good, healthy pasture. I duplicated the grasses and flowers on either side of the cheese to provide symmetry, a bit more of a modern design and to symbolise the varied pasture on which good cheese relies. 


Best Artisan Cheese Trophy close up by Elly Jahnz


I had to post the artwork to Clarence House, Prince Charles’s residence in order for HRH to personally approve it. That was exciting. I love the thought that 'approve Elly Jahnz's cheese illustration' was on a royal to-do list. 


Photo of the trophy plate by Elly Jahnz


I’m really pleased with how the final artwork turned out. It was an honour to be involved in a project with the heir to the throne of the British Isles and fantastic to contribute in a small way to the story of cheesemaking in the UK.


Close up of the cheese plate by Elly Jahnz


Illustrated flowers, approved by HRH Prince Charles for the Artisan Cheese Trophy by Elly Jahnz


Close up of the final cheese plate by Elly Jahnz


Trophy plate artwork by Elly Jahnz


Close up of the Best Artisan Cheese Plate by Elly Jahnz for Prince Charles