Packaging Design


While I was in-house at Seasalt, part of my role was designing, developing and managing the production of all their packaging. The visual style of the brand evolved quite dramatically over my time there, from fairly naive type-heavy offerings to more sophisticated stripped-back designs in the latter years. Below are a selection of some of the bits I designed while I am there. In most cases, I designed not only the graphics but the nets themselves. I often disappeared for days under a pile of maquettes, mock ups and scale diagrams.


All of this packaging was created specifically for each product, and was designed not only to make a great gift & give the customer joy, but to also look great in store and really sell the features and benefits of the product.




A fun lunch-style paper bag containing some rather nice Seasalt socks.



Socks in a box in the shape of a beach hut? No problem!



For when the going gets tough...





A really popular Christmas gifting concept.



A beautiful box with a slide out draw with a grosgrain ribbon pull. Not only great to hold your socks, but designed with longevity in mind so you can re-use it for various knick-nacks.


All photos & designs © Seasalt.