An illustrated map of Dartmouth


I was asked to illustrate a map for the Dartmouth Higher Ferry, in Devon UK. The ferry is a great local asset, helping people avoid a 25 mile round trip between Dartmouth and Kingswear. The map needed to highlight the benefits of using the ferry and also show all the beautiful places you can reach if you use the ferry in part of your trip. The map is displayed on their website and also as part of a brochure.


A map of Dartmouth showing the ferry crossing, for Dartmouth Higher Ferry by Elly Jahnz


I love Devon, as my grandparents used to live just outside of Exeter. I've got so many memories of trips there as a child, however I've not really explored the South Devon area where the Dartmouth Ferry is located. Boy, do I think I'm missing out. It looks stunning. Old castles, lonely lighthouses and stately homes. It's on my list now for sure. 


A section of the Dartmouth map I made for Dartmouth Higher Ferry by Elly Jahnz


As the exact copy for the map wasn't decided at the time of briefing, I created some custom hand lettering for this map which allowed me to be flexible with the text that was on the map. 


Custom letters for Dartmouth Higher Ferry Map by Elly Jahnz


Having multiples of each letter really adds to the hand made feel of the illustrations. 


A section of the map for Dartmouth Higher Ferry by Elly Jahnz


Some of the buildings pictured were prettty intricate. Here's looking at you Britannia Royal Naval College. All those windows...


Dartmouth Castle by Elly Jahnz