A Menu Board for a Cornish Cafe

07 Jul 2017


I'm very excited to share this project with you. A lovely cafe in Looe, Cornwall, got in touch and wanted some beautifully hand written menu boards. As a small business, they wanted their menu boards to be super cost effective and be able to be used for a few seasons, so rather than have me draw it freehand, we opted for a vinyl print on blackboard which allows them to alter any prices they may need and also stands the test of time.


Do you have a chalkboard or project that needs some hand lettering? Get in touch! I'd be happy to help.


In Situ artwork for restaurant chalkboard by Elly Jahnz, Foxcub Studio


Even though I wasn't signwriting this on the board myself, I still wanted it to have a lovely hand-drawn feel. I love cursive script fonts so I got the brush pens out and started creating the main phrases from the board. In my mind, nothing beats drawing letters by hand. I think all the imperfections and uneven lines created by a brush pen enhance the text. In addition to the brush script, I created a few hand drawn alphabets which allowed me to work efficiently and be flexible with any copy amends that came through.


Rough Custom Type for Chalkboard Menu by Elly Jahnz, Foxcub Studio


The client wanted lots of illustrations of the local area mixed in around the typography. The cafe is set right on the seafront in Looe, overlooking the beach and pier. I added in loads of sketchy line illustrations around the type to give some added interest.


Montage of Custom Chalkboard Menu for Cornish Seaside Cafe by Elly Jahnz, Foxcub Studio


The cafe wanted to make locals and tourists alike smile when they ordered, so wanted lots of happy quotes and sayings worked in to the menu board.


Close up of hand rendered text for custom chalkboard for Cornish coastal restaurant by Elly Jahnz, Foxcub Studio


The final two menu boards in all it's glory. The actual drinks menu sections were written using a really nice typeface and space left for the client to add their own prices in chalk.


Chalkboard Custom Lettering for Cornish Seaside Cafe by Elly Jahnz, Foxcub Studio


Custom Chalkboard Menu for Cornish Seaside Cafe pt 2 by Elly Jahnz, Foxcub Studio