Illustrated Colouring Book

16 Aug 2016

When I was in-house at Seasalt, I was lucky enough to work on this fantastic illustrated colouring book. It features great drawings from all of the super talented Seasalt artists (of which I was one!). As well as contributing my illustrations, I was tasked with the layout design of the book, desigining the cover, the type and the front & back pages.






I'm pleased to say that it has now been released and is available to purchase through the Seasalt website and also in your local Waterstones or Barnes & Noble (if you are in the States). Pretty cool hey!

Best Tattoo Ever

29 Feb 2016


Yes, this is probably the best tattoo ever, and you can now add tattoo design to the list of things Foxcub Studio produces.


This is for my friend, Josh, who it must be said has always verged on the eccentric side. When he asked me to design him a tattoo, I did not expect him to ask for a "rather miserable cat, who is a bit damp, riding a surfboard". After a few rounds of the 'Are you sure??' game, I agreed and it is...



So there you have it. Foxcub Studio. Illustration, Graphic Design & Tattoos...

Screen Printing

14 Dec 2015

I've always loved drawing and painting, but printmaking has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I've dabbled with lino cut and monoprint, but had always wanted to try my hand at screenprinting. I had spent many years designing graphics to be screen printed on things - t-shirts, jute bags, teatowels etc however when it came to the actual process I was a bit mystified. I was fortunate enough recently to spend some time at a local print studio in Penryn (John Howard Print Studios - check them out!) getting to grips with this great medium.


Here is what I produced...





There is something really appealing about cutting your own screens, mixing your own inks, and the predictable unpredictability of the whole process. It's something I intend to do a lot more of in the future.

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